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About Us

We are one of the leading manufacturers of the best plastic raw materials for the manufacturing of various plastic products, we are also into manufacturing Automobile spares, under ASRTU Rate contract. We are committed to provide pure plastic raw materials to our customers. We strive to deliver quality product and emphasize on return on investments. We deliver raw materials such as PP, PE, PS, ABS etc used for manufacturing a variety of plastic products. We crave to build sound business relationships since 1992, We have a network of clients all around the country. We aim to provide our customers plastic raw materials as per the specific requirements and specifications. We have constantly developed and mastered our work strategies in the course of innovative ideas for betterment to gain customer satisfaction.

As commitment on conserving environment, we also export high quality coir fibres, and coir pith brick to various countries, which has several uses. we are from the place which is main source of coir and related products. We can offer best product at lowest price, in large quantities.


We aim to provide the best quality raw materials for manufacturing plastic products and coir products with customer satisfaction, quality assurance and a congenial working environment. We strive to offer the finest quality services, timely delivery and competitive prices to all our clients.

Our Products

Our wide range of products includes PP Plastic Raw Material, PE Plastic Raw Material, PS Plastic Raw Material, ABS Plastic Raw Material, Nylon Plastic Raw Material, PC Plastic Raw Material, SAN Plastic Raw Material, TPE Plastic Raw Material, TPR Plastic Raw Material, Filled Compound Plastic Raw Material and Acrylic Raw Plastic Material. The basic component that we use in manufacturing process is PP, PE and PS.

Our range is widely used in diverse manufacturing of varied products such as Pens, HIPS Sheets, Toothbrushes, Cassettes, Automobiles Components, Medical Devices, Electronic Goods, FMCG and other household products. We aim to provide our customers with all kinds of raw materials required producing a number of plastic products.

Merged with nature, we also deal is best quality coir and coir related products, like coir fiber in bales, coir pith bricks etc, for various eco-friendly uses.


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